Links For Today 01.21.2008

I have some links I ran across today in my Google Reader RSS feeds. It’s sad that I run across so much bullshit, fake product competitions and hyperbole. Let’s spew out some exhaust, it’s long overdue:
HBO begins offering Internet video service – It’s bullshit that’s it’s Windows-only, but it does prove there IS life outside of iTunes Music Store. (Amazon is proof of that.)
Lenovo already prepping “Air killer” subnote? – No. It’s a friggin’ compact sub notebook. It’s software-ically impossible for it to be a Air-killer since it runs Windows.
Let’s please stop using “killer”, to instigate fights and arguments.
Also, I’m sick of people confusing coincidence with irony. If you’re confused, or even if you aren’t, please read this Wikiquote page to refresh yourself. George Carlin’s examples are particularly enlightening.