Keep it Like A Secret

Jory has a funny post over at Analogue about how Microsoft is going to share some of its secrets.
So, what secrets …exactly …is Microsoft going to share with us?
Maybe the secret of how to release an operating system patch for Vista that actually causes more problems than fixes old ones?
Also on that note, I need to know the secret of getting vendors to offer downgrade programs from Vista to XP.
Or maybe Gates can explain to us the art of a botched hostile takeover of Yahoo. At this point, I think he should be more focused on stepping down this July than helping Ballmer botch Microsoft anymore.
I’d also like to hear all the secrets of the wonderful Zune.
Microsoft loves to announce things that aren’t done yet. They did this last year when they announced their enormous Surface table. I got an idea! In an age of increasingly portable electronics and mobile applications, let’s launch a big touchscreen table. Yeah! Now they’re announcing that they’re going to share secrets. Just do it.
Notice how this behavior contrasts with that of Apple. Apple has no problem letting us know that they have a lot of secrets and they have no intention of sharing them until they take the shape of a finished product. Hell, they kept teams separated within the iPhone project to ensure secrecy.
Microsoft, please keep it like a secret. I don’t want to know.

*entry title taken from one of my favorite albums by Built to Spill.