Links for Today 02.15.2008

I started out the day thinking I didn’t have anything I wanted to post. Now its just the opposite.
Keepin’ it Tween
Flash is Not a Stepping Stone! (thanks Len) – I’m one of these people who has started to feel like I wasn’t keeping up enough with the technical side of flash (even though I’m not a developer). Hearing this from one of the top guys in Flash (and who was hired by Adobe last year) is reassuring.
I think the bottom line is, does your Flash site work? Is it bug free? Does it run quickly?
Happily Never After?
Flash on iPhone Political Calculus – Gruber brings up some great points on why we might not see Flash on the IPhone. I have some friends who disagree.
There’s a lot of grey lines in technology these days. Not every company is strictly software or strictly hardware. Apple is a great example. Technically they are a hardware company – since that is where their money comes from, but if you take away their amazing software – you’ve just got a pretty shell.
Quicktime is an integral part of Apple, especially with online video becoming increasingly popular and as Gruber notes, I don’t see Apple ceding control of video to Flash.
For me, it comes down to the fact that if Flash never got implemented on my iPhone – I don’t think it would phase me in the least. I’m saying this as someone who has made a career from Flash. I’ve been asking myself what would Flash look like on the iPhone? What would sites look like?
With Apple releasing the SDK for iPhone development later this month, there won’t be any need for Flex applications as developers will have access to core aspects of the operating system (pardon my lack of a correct technical lexicon).