I installed the Silverlight plug-in on my computer at work. I knew that Microsoft had created an inferior, derivative product to Adobe Flash, but I went with the thinking of the Godfather – keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Well, I’ve seen it and interacted with it, and the company I work for is doing their best to make lemonade of the lemon that is Silverlight.
Silverlight isn’t worthy of being an enemy.
Or competitor.
It’s third-rate. Bush league. Meh.
I’ve been using Flash for 9 years, and over those 9 years Macromedia …and then Adobe, have continued to make more and more improvements to it. You’re telling me that I should consider a new program that is in many respects equivalent to Flash 3?
Some developers out there will correct me and point out all the integration points that can be made with Silverlight. My reply to this imaginary combative developer is that presentation is essential. You have to look good.
If you look good and sound good – you’re in a good position.
If you work well too? You’re set.
Microsoft sees looking good and working well as two separate entities, when they should realize this equation:

working well + looking good = great design