Smoke & Panels

There’s a post over at Engadget about Sony Ericsson’s new XPERIA X1 mobile phone. It features a ‘panel interface’. There’s a commercial showing the phone in action – if you can call it that.
All we’re able to see is these ‘panels’ – which bring to mind the window effect of Exposé on OS X – except, I have no idea why this is effective or how it improves productivity on the XPERIA X1.
Here’s the commercial:

Now this phone could very well be a winner and have an easy to use interface, but we have no idea from the video. Update: I skimmed through the comments of the Engadget post and found a link to another equally useless video from a mobile show in Barcelona. The guy showing the phone won’t even interact with it, he hits one button on it and spends the rest of the the time pointing at the phone. Bullshit.
If you’re going to make a video highlighting how innovative your product is, why don’t you show it actually doing something innovative instead of just using smoke and mirrors?
Like how you say? Like this: