Are You Sure?

Google Exec: Android Will Outsell iPhone
Is he sure? I’m not …and I wanted to burn this into database memory that someone at Google uttered these words.
Of course there’s a chance this could come to pass, especially considering it will/could show up on devices from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and others.
Questions that have yet to be answered are:
Will all phones from Motorola, HTC, Samsung and others be using the Android OS?
How well will Android operate on the range of phones out there – from basic models to feature rich smart phones with QWERTY keyboards?
The reason Apple’s products work so well it because of the complete synchronization of hardware AND software. There’s a lot of benefits to a controlled environment.
Developers are bitching and moaning about how the iPhone can only run 1 program at a time – none can run in the ‘background’. I encourage these clowns to develop their own applications, jailbreak their iPhones and see how well their iPhone runs when they have disregarded the technical specs on memory and CPU.
There’s a chance Apple might know a little bit about performance optimization. Just a chance.
With Android, there isn’t a well-designed SDK and GUI to develop, test and troubleshoot applications with, so I can’t foresee it integrating seamlessly across the board on all the various phones it could end up on.
Call me crazy.