Queueing and Moving Stuff

So after a year of being an art director at Schematic, my Flash muscles have gotten out of shape. Before Schematic, I used to juggle many hats – HTML, design, Actionscripting and animation. Now I work with people who are dedicated to these specific tasks, so that I can focus on my task of designing an art directing.
WIth that said, I’m working on some freelance projects as well as a side project at work (kind of like my own ‘20 percent project‘) that requires I get back into Flash and start programming again. (Not because someone told me to, but because I want to. My father is an engineer so I know I have some of his geek genes coursing through me).
Back in the day I used to use Laco’s tween class for scripted motion in Flash. Then that evolved into Fuse Kit.
My friend Quigga has told me to drop Fuse and use TweenLite. Put simply – it’s lean and mean. Check out the speed test and you be the judge.
I also started using another Greenstock class for preloading assets, the PreloadAssetManager class.
Hello again Flash, here I come!