Samsung skips the touchscreen, patents gesture-based phone interface
Microsoft adds twist to handhelds with force-sensing technology
So Samsung is working on gestures, and Microsoft is working on force-sensing.
Is everyone already throwing in the towel on multi-touch interfaces?
Listen, as happy iPhone owner, I know from experience that Apple has created a paradigm – but not the paradigm for multi-touch interaction. There’s a lot of room for more innovation within this realm.
Don’t be desperate
It’s one thing to jump into a new technology out of desire, but it’s another thing to do it out of desperation.
Most people will agree that has created one of the paradigms for e-commerce. If you’re developing a e-commerce site, be sure to spend a lot of time on to understand how one of the masters does it.
Now image if every company selling products online decided to completely change the e-commerce model, not because shopping carts and recommendation weren’t working, but just to do something different.
When in doubt, copy the shit of out the competition
When companies aren’t trying to come up with the next, new, new thing out of desperation, they seem to be straight up, blatantly copying the competition. It’s easy to do this. Innovation is risky and it costs a lot of money. By bypassing the whole, silly ‘innovation thing’, you can save a lot of time and money.
What you don’t bypass is looking like a jackass to the whole industry.
Hell, I’m just going to start copying the work of group94 because I think they’ve established the only way to creative engaging Flash websites.
What you’re missing out on
While you’re trying to out-innovate or copy the achievements of other companies, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to compete by creating meaningful work.
We’ve barely scratched the surface of multi-touch interfaces. Companies should be jumping on the opportunity to create new paradigms in this field (and modifying existing ones).
The LG Voyager. The Samsung F700. The LG Prada.
These aren’t phones, they’re Canal Street rip-offs.
Let’s start making some real work.