Nice Euphamism

Ballmer Calls Vista ‘A Work In Progress’ (via)

In the modern era of regular online updates, most pieces of software are effectively works in progress, even after their release. But Ballmer’s use of the phrase is surprising, because to most people it would tend to connote “something unfinished,” said Michael Gartenberg, a Jupiter Research analyst.
“It’s hard to imagine that a comment like that is the type of thing that is going to instill greater confidence” about Windows Vista in the minds of companies and individual PC users, he said.

Wow. It sounds like Ballmer is taking cues right from the Iraqi War playbook. Both are ‘works in progress’, right?
Why don’t you have the balls to call it what it is – failure on an epic scale*.

*please note I am in no way saying Windows Vista is comparable in damage to the War in Iraq, I’m merely comparing the use of rhetoric.