seat belts – high tech sh!t

So ok, everyone is posting Carlin clips this week. Most are posting “The 7 words you can’t say on television”.
Fine. Good for you, it’s a classic. (Let it be noted I posted that clip on March 3rd)
I’d be curious to find out how many of these people were actually familiar with that skit prior to this week.
I discovered George Carlin in the mid 90’s. The first special I saw was Jammin’ in New York (1992) back in 1993. I still think it’s one of his best. Some of the jokes were used on previous stand-up specials prior to ‘Jammin’ (such as Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics).
Some people will say that’s weak, but the truth is, comedy, real comedy, is an art and it takes practice. Jammin’ in New York represents a perfect comedic rhythm, jumping back and forth from comedy to philosophy to observations the way only George could do. The jokes he tells for the second time (or third) are polished and complete.
Jammin’ in New York is a perfect mix of biting social commentary and comedy – a time before George dove too far into pessimism (realism? Just compare it to something like Toledo Window Box -which I have on vinyl from my parents). Once his wife died in 1998, his stand-up acts took a serious turn, still brilliant but bitter – not that I wouldn’t be bitter too.
I always considered Carlin my favorite philosopher, not favorite comedian.
So with that said, one of my favorite bits is on airline announcements: