Webmonkey, still runnin’

Webmonkey has redesigned their site (again). I’ve seen some posts poking fun at them for another redesign, people wondering what the point is.
The point for me is that I’m glad Webmonkey still exists. I’m actually amazed it still exists.
When I graduated college in 1999 with a degree in Graphic Design (read ‘print design’), I made the choice way back then to become a web designer. I loved print, but the web was way too interesting for me to let go of. My next step was to learn how to do this web stuff, and since we didn’t have courses on web design, Flash or HTML back then (and our computers were steam-powered and made of wood) the place I turned to was Webmonkey.
For anyone in the process of learning web design, I highly recommend browsing through some of their lessons and tutorials. I would bookmark their HTML & Special Characters Cheatsheets, I use them to this day.