go cry about it

I was recently asked if The Combustion Chamber (and it’s offspring – Daily Exhaust), had plans on going green.
The answer?
For the record, The Combustion Chamber (TCC) will continue its proven, 4-stroke cycle to success.
This being said, TCC has and will continue to explore alternative fuels as a means of adapting to the changing landscape. TCC prides itself on it curious and exploratory nature and will adapt and modify it’s surrounding engine system, depending on the terrain, climate and a multitude of other external factors and environmental conditions.
Some of the greatest moments in technology and engineering history has been those times when old technologies are perfected, long after new technologies have replaced and antiquated them.
…we will aways be combusting.
…over and over and over again.
*on a related note, I think Analogue has similar audio and media sentimentals, but you’l have to ask them.