I went onto Youtube looking for some clips of REVS I’ve seen before but I was only able to dig up one for the documentary, BOMB IT.
I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find some other interesting nuggets on him.
Some good shots of spray (and steel) tags at Streetsy.
via kottke’s Flickrstream (with some comments):
Via WIkipedia:

“We think art should be dangerous,” Revs told a freelancer for ArtForum magazine in a 1994 interview. “Everybody’s into safe art,” he continued, “doing safe things in their studio. We’re bringing danger back into it. It’s got to be on the edge, where it’s not allowed.”
Known for such unorthodox views, Revs also refuses to sell his work. He’s even gone as far telling a Times reporter that “once money changes hands for art, it becomes a fraudulent activity.” This idea that art should be of pure expression, unconstrained by society’s wants or expectations, is manifest in the work Revs undertook in New York’s subways.