Do I Amuse You?

Google is forging ahead more and more every day with new innovations. These innovations within the fields of search, parallel computing, information storage, and cloud computing bring with them closer scrutiny by outsiders. Many people today are referring to Google as ‘The New Microsoft”. The new monopoly.

While many of these concerns are well-founded and MS and Google share some similar traits, there’s a key difference between Microsoft and Google that shouldn’t be overlooked. Google has a sense of humor.

Put another way – Google’s founders have a sense of humor, and they put this humor into their technology.

This might seem trivial, but this point becomes extremely important when you get involved with sophisticated technology and technology services for people and companies.

It’s easy to dismiss Google’s products as looking simple, naive and lacking sophistication. Google has been criticized repeatedly about not capitalizing on their minimalist homepage (ironic that they’re the kings of online advertising), but if you’ve ever used any of their products, you find that they’re simple and easy to use.

The most recent example of their sense of humor is the online comic that was ‘accidentally leaked’ (sorry, this was no accident), announcing yet another move into Microsoft territory with their Chrome web browser. I can’t think of any other large corporations who would have the balls to do this.

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