Environmentalists get on my nerves. Not because their ideas aren’t good, it’s just their attitude.
From iPodNN:

Apple has made yet more environmental progress with its latest iPods, but still has more to accomplish, claims Greenpeace.
…Greenpeace also praises Apple for aiming to phase out toxins by the end of 2008, and increase recycling by 2010, but suggests that there is still room for improvement. The group notes that it is comparatively easy to eliminate PVC and BFRs from handheld devices, because they require less power, and therefore produce less heat. It is Macs, Greenpeace says, that are the true challenge, and Apple would be an industry leader if none of its computers used the chemicals.

Fine, Apple needs to improve their efforts.
Then I don’t want to see any Apple computers in any Greenpeace offices.
No iPhones, no iPods, nothing that can kill the environment.
They should all move over to IBMs or Dells or HPs – I’m sure those are much more environmentally friendly. Hey! And there’s tens of millions more Windows machines out there too! YAY!
I wish these people would be realists too – save the planet for the people, don’t just say you want to save ‘the environment’.
It’s like George Carlin said, the planet has been here for billions of years, the planet is fine – the people are fucked.