Links for Today 11.10.2008

Obama’s CTO: Watch out for the turf wars – A president who understands the importance of technology enough to create a new position in the administration for it. (via Techmeme)
Let G.M. go bankrupt (via DF)
Damn straight:

G.M. is in trouble, according to the latest news. The company has some contracts and other obligations that it can’t afford. What can the government do to help?
Answer: The government has already done everything that it needs to in order to help G.M. The government established bankruptcy courts so that a company like G.M. can go through a Chapter 11 reorganization. During the Chapter 11 process, a judge has the power to adjust the company’s obligations so that they can be paid from the company’s likely future revenue. Chapter 11 was designed specifically so that employees can keep their jobs, albeit possibly at lower salaries, while shareholders and creditors suffer and/or are wiped out.

LinkedIn Apps – My favorite one so far is BlogLink by TypePad. If your connections have their blogs included in the ‘websites’ section of their profile, BlogLink will aggregate all the posts for you on one page.