Shake it like a polaroid picture?

Microsoft doesn’t seem to know the difference between interesting experiments and consumer-ready software.
Below is a screencast of Windows 7, demonstrating a shake gesture. When you grab a window bar and shake it with your mouse it minimizes all the windows behind it.

As Chris Rock said in reference to being a single parent, “Just because you can do something don’t mean it’s ta be done!
A shake gesture is very appropriate (and fun) interaction model for something like a mobile phone. For anyone who’s used the Facebook App for the iPhone, you might know that in order to refresh the results of a given screen, all you have to do is shake your phone. Navigating to the refresh button that’s only a few dozen pixels big takes much more concentration and time than simply shaking the phone. In short – a shake gesture on a mobile phone simplifies actions.
A shake gesture on a desktop experience makes no sense and doesn’t simplify anything for the user. The shake “innovation” is good – it’s it’s implementation that doesn’t work.
Microsoft has seen how Exposé works on OS X, why don’ they just weakly copy that, like they usually do?