Now’s as good a time as any to mention my newest endeavor with my good friend Jory at Analogue – HEED. HEED is very much in it’s infancy but the driving force behind it is Design. Design meaning ideas. Solutions to problems – product problems, technology problems, social problems, transportation problems.
HEED is not about arguing the appropriateness of a font or gloss of a button.
Similar to how Steve Jobs announced iTV a few years ago as a ‘hobby’ so too is HEED for us. Jory and I know where we want to take it, but it will take time.
I expressed my fear to Jory one day on IM last month that I didn’t want HEED to become brain crack (thank you zefrank). I was afraid we would continue to evolve our ideas for HEED on IM ad infinitum without ever creating anything.
The important thing was for us to get HEED off the cinder blocks in the back yard and get it running.
Well, we’re up and running.
Slowly, but surely.