BrowserLab – thank you Adobe

screengrab: Adobe BrowserLabs
This week Adobe released a new service – BrowserLab. Type a URL into the address field and it takes screengrabs of it in web browsers for Window XP (IE7 & FF3) and Mac OS X (Safari 3.0 & FF3).
It’s a Flex application, published in Flash format, meaning that anyone can use it (you do need to sign up for an an Adobe account).
I don’t do as much cross-platform/browser testing as I used to, but I’m still excited that this service now exists. How long have we designers and developers been waiting for this type of service? Sure there’s BrowserShots and other Windows-only applications, but BrowserShots usually has a delay on screen renderings and I’m on a Mac so I can’t use the Windows-only apps that do exist.
It’s still new and a bit buggy for me – some screengrabs take a minute or 2 to get created, but I’m exciting to see where this goes.
Nice job Adobe.
(found via CNet)
UPDATE: I missed this before, but BrowserLab does have other browsers to pick from: