Intel, Nokia, and their majestic Unicorn

“Trust me guys – it’s going to be AWESOME.”
Problem is, when you make statements like that, ‘it’ usually doesn’t end up that awesome.
‘It’ usually never gets made, or ‘it’ just ends up a piece of crap.
It’s essentially what Intel & Nokia announced in a press release on Intel’s website on their new alliance – Intel and Nokia Announce Strategic Relationship to Shape Next Era of Mobile Computing Innovation.

“This Intel and Nokia collaboration unites and focuses many of the brightest computing and communications minds in the world, and will ultimately deliver open and standards-based technologies, which history shows drive rapid innovation, adoption and consumer choice,” said Anand Chandrasekher, Intel Corporation senior vice president and general manager, Ultra Mobility Group. “With the convergence of the Internet and mobility as the team’s only barrier, I can only imagine the innovation that will come out of our unique relationship with Nokia. The possibilities are endless.”

Of course the possibilities are endless. All the big wigs at Intel and Nokia probably had some great brainstorming sessions on “the possibilities” – imagining all sorts of Minority Report gadgets that can communicate in any medium and control everything from your television to your car to your house, ‘with a push of a button’.
My brother Mark coined a term for this behavior of announcing something you eagerly want and have every intention of doing, but haven’t done – Chimera’s Lens. He introduced this to me many years ago when he asked me, “Imagine something funny …….see? Isn’t that funny?”
This is the same thing as saying “Picture the best mobile device… like, uh, picture something even better than the best mobile phone…. how fucking cool is that?”.
Microsoft is also having a bitch of a time launching real operating system updates, but they had no problem envisioned the year 2019:
Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Apple continues on it’s upward track of success with the very real iPhone and the new paradigm of mobile software and mobile commerce they created – despite numerous blasts from the media over the years on their evil secrecy. The New York Times just published a new article titled, “Appleā€™s Obsession With Secrecy Grows Stronger“.
Nokia and Intel would benefit greatly by adopting some of this ‘secrecy’. It doesn’t even have to be secrecy, it could simply be keeping their mouths shut until that have something built to show off. This is what most of the media are referring to when they say ‘secrecy’.
The media doesn’t mind when no-name companies keep their product development under wraps do they? They don’t mind because a lot of no-name companies produce garbage.
Until Nokia and Intel actually produce some game-changing software or hardware products, their press release is really quite pointless.
UPDATE: What I forgot to mention on the positive note is I’m loving the fact that they’ve decided to use Linux Mobile as the software platform.