Why I tolerate AT&T service on my iPhone

Last week I got into an argument with my mother. She asked me why I take forever to return her calls and also why I hang up on her. She begged me to get another phone. And because she loves me and knows I love Apple, she even offered to buy stock in AAPL.
First, I acknowledge my flakiness in regard to returning phone calls. This is something I have the power to fix.
As for the hang-ups, I had to explain to my mother that I never deliberately hang up on anyone, especially my own mother. I went into detail about the situation with my iPhone and its service in New York City. In short, it’s horrible. Ask anyone with an iPhone what they hate the most about it and they’ll most likely tell you their AT&T service (no, it’s not the lack of a removable battery). The majority of my friends and coworkers in New York City have iPhones and they all hate AT&T.
But momma’s question got me thinking, why do I put up with AT&T’s shit?
The answer is simple – because I don’t use the phone part of my iPhone very much, relative to all the other applications on it.
Below is a grab of my Home screen. Back in July I wrote a post on how I organize my icons based on orbits from my left hand thumb (Unless I’m typing, I usually operate it with one hand).
While you can see the phone icon is fairly close to the bottom left of the home screen, I’ve moved it out of the persistent tray it’s in by default. Compared to e-mail, web browsing, tweeting and reading cached articles on Instapaper, I don’t make phone calls that much.
Please AT&T, move some of that $65 million over to the east coast, I don’t want a upset mother anymore.