the evolutionary iPad

I didn’t see the iPad Keynote live yesterday, but I watched it last night via Apple’s site.
I’ve also been digesting all the feedback I’ve been reading across my favorite blogs and news sites:
frog design used the iPad launch to toot it’s own horn about the prototype tablet they designed in partnership with Apple back in 1983 (to their credit, it was ahead of it’s time).
Over at, Khoi Vin doesn’t think it’s going to save publishing. I don’t think it’s go save publishing either, because it wasn’t invented for that purpose. Your product or service needs to be innovative in order to be profitable on an innovation device like the iPad.
I’m with Gruber on the name – it should have been called “Canvas“, not “IPad”.
Like me, DesignAday correctly notes that the iPad is evolutionary, not revolutionary. People expected revolutionary yesterday. We got evolutionary. This is a good thing.
Om Malik seems to dig it and raises an interesting thought:

So in many ways, today is a brand new day for content creators and owners alike. For if we’re smart, all of us — from large media giants such as Fox to upstarts like my little company — will figure out how to build a new magazine/news experience that leverages the iPad’s powerful processor, great graphics, stunning display and most importantly, Internet connection. In fact I’ll go out on a limb and say that today may be the day we start to rethink how we build web sites.

Gizmodo says no thanks due to no multitasking. I’m going to say it – I think multitasking within the mobile computing world is hugely overrated. There I said it. I’ll expound more on this point in a separate post.
Adobe announces the ability to develop iPad applications with Flash. We already knew iPhone app development was coming with Flash CS5, so this is obvious.
…more links to come.