More thoughts on the Adobe Flash OS & Phone

I don’t have the luxury of being able to write on as much as I’d like so many times topics and theses on my mind end up scattered into separate posts and tweets.
So back to my proposition that Adobe take Flash to it’s logical end and have it function as the core operating system for their own mobile device(s).
It’s important that Adobe make this move because the best examples of Flash are not mere videos players on otherwise HTML-rendered sites. The best examples are those that take over the browser and go fullscreen, where Flash controls the seemless experience from beginning to end. Take a look at the amazing commercial and personal sites on theFWA to see what I’m talking about.
The artists, designers and developers that make the most out of Flash don’t treat it as a plug-in – they treat Flash as their medium.
It’s been very easy for Adobe and the rest of the tech press to point fingers at Apple and their control freak tendencies, claiming that Apple is going to cause Flash’s demise.
It’s in times like these that companies like Adobe need to stop crying like fucking babies, strap a set, and change the rules of the game. Whether or not Steve Jobs called Adobe lazy, I’ll have to agree. Adobe has great opportunities in front of it. Make no mistake that if Adobe does decide to build their own Flash-powered phone, they’ll be taking a huge risk, but a risk well worth the time and money invested.
With so many companies still not understanding that it’s all about having great software, it’s Adobe’s time to shine and not try to compete or try to beat Apple, but just to provide a great product and platform for people to develop for.