Design for Developers

This past week at Roundarch we kicked off the visual design phase of an iPhone appication we’re developing for a client. As I began reviewing the designs my teammate Vika had started, one of our multi-talented senior developers, Chris Nojima, alerted us to the iPhone Dev Center on Apple’s website.
The iPhone Dev Center is just another example of Apple paying attention to every detail. There’s some people that think Apple’s products are all about shine and polish and pretty colors.
If you haven’t had the pleasure of using a iPhone to dispel this theory, you need go no further than the iPhone Dev Center to see how much Apple focuses on how the iPhone works. Coding tips, How-To videos, Human Interface Guidelines … it’s all there.
And if you can easily become an Apple Designer and/or Developer (or at least see what’s involved) for free by registering. If you already have an ID from iTunes, you can just use that instead.