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Electronista: Amazon says Kindle won’t chase iPad, focused on reading

Amazon won’t try to copy the iPad with future versions of the Kindle, CEO Jeff Bezos said in an annual shareholders’ meeting today. He stressed that the Kindle would emphasize e-reading and likened its role to that of a dedicated camera versus a phone camera. Just as a phone is multi-purpose but won’t be the best camera, an iPad won’t necessarily be the best reader, Bezos said.

I’d love to see the Kindle become an amazing e-book reader and I think that by focusing on the Kindle doing just one thing versus trying to be everything they can do that, but right now, the Kindle is not a better e-book reader than the iPad. I’ve had a first generation Kindle and it’s decent. After I started using it for a few weeks I soon realized the limitations of the device. In short – Amazon needs to put laser focus on better software.
Whatever Bezos’ true plans and intentions, I hope he’s taking some of his own advice.