Nokia isn’t heeding

Nokia continues to bleed like a stuck pig (multiple ‘pig’ references this week is unintentional).

This from Electronista:

Nokia shareholders began raising their voices late Thursday in a second call for company CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo to resign. Investment groups such as Pictet Asset Management, analysts at Argus Research Corp., and others are frustrated once again that the executive has remained onboard despite the company losing about $77 billion in US stock market value since the mid-2007 debut of Apple’s iPhone, which also arrived just a year after Kallasvuo took the CEO position. Those involved have accused the company of sheltering its leader from the consequences of his actions, allowing him to stay no matter what happens elsewhere in the company.

Nokia was in bad shape last September when I wrote about them on the cover of Fast Company.
This is what happens leaders of company’s don’t heed to design.