He’s asked me whether should we do advertising at all.

AdAge: Why Chipotle Ditched Ad Agencies (via Kottke)

Mr. Crumpacker points out that the chain hasn’t added a menu item in 17 years and it also does not have a regular cadence of pricing promotions. For those reasons, he said, agencies’ experience with other fast food chains is irrelevant.

Why didn’t he talk to Don Draper? Coupons are HUGE with housewives.

Last November, Chipotle made the decision to go it alone and bring advertising in-house. After spending at least six months selecting Butler Shine from a group of 27 agencies, Mr. Crumpacker said it didn’t make sense to take the time to pick another agency. “By the time we picked one and got them up to speed it would have been a year,” he said. “The only reasonable thing to do was to do it ourselves.”