honesty, that’s a new approach

So Microsoft dropped their new phone/phone OS today. Their press release has a fair share of bullshit biz-speak, but it also has some honest words.
For one, it’s one of first times they acknowledge Android and iPhone by name, but the clincher is the last sentence of the last paragraph (my emphasis):

Microsoft is so committed to the new phone that it has arranged for every full-time employee worldwide to be able to switch to the new phone as soon as it launches in their market. And while executives say they are thrilled with the final product, they also acknowledge there is a lot more to be done. When the phone is released, they plan to enjoy the moment – but not for long. “There’s so much more of Microsoft we’ve got to bring out in the phone,” says Myerson. “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

You’re over 3 years late to the smartphone game, damn straight you have a lot of work to do.