old media

The future of media is unclear. Things are very volatile. New revenue models are needed where ‘traditional’ (I hate that word) models are still in place, getting old and crusty.
Yesterday, news broke that Google TV is being blocked by TV studios ABC and CBS over piracy concerns. Maybe the heads of the TV studios should spend some some with Larry and Sergey at Burning Man next year so they can open their minds man, and like, understand that information wants to be free? K? They need to understand the Google will never be satisfied. It has serious dependency issues on all zeros and ones.
You can’t have a television relationship with someone with data dependencies, but at the same time TV needs to figure shit out, unless they want their breakfast, lunch and dinner eaten by iTunes like the music industry. It’s all-around unhealthy. The TV studios are hoarding, grumpy, old recluses who won’t leave their houses, while crack-fiend Google is knocking on all their doors for a hit.
Then we got News Corp. dropping it’s aggregated news content delivery platform, aka – Alesia. Rupert, like the TV studios, doesn’t want to disrupt current revenue streams.
Old media can’t get in the race with a chain wrapped around their axle.
Innovation doesn’t have a safety net to catch you with.