prohibiting the cleaner fuel

It took 25 % of the fuel market in the midwest.. it was made from corn, it was basically white lightning.

John D. Rockefeller, founder and head of the Standard Oil Company didn’t appreciate Ford cutting into his oil profits, and started funding the ammendment we know as Prohibition.

Because if the constitutional ammendment cut off all alcohol production, all of Fords ethanol alcohol automotive fuel would be wiped out of business, and Standard Oil would increase profits immediately by 25% or more (due to increased growth in car sales) .

Ford continued to make Ethanol compatible vehicles for 12 of the 13 years of prohibition, and then he gave up.

Right after prohibition was over President Teddy Roosevelt broke up the Standard Oil company due to its monopoly of the energy market and interference in Government.

The two parts recombined 88 years later, and now Exxon Mobil have bigger profits than any other company, corporation, or business in the world… consecutively, year after year.

source: documentary “Fuel” by Josh Tickell (via Just A Car Guy)