a grab bag of neglect, good intentions and poor execution

I can tell when someone is inspired.
Matt Buchanan over at Gizmodo just wrote a scathing review on Samsung’s answer to Apple’s iPad – the Galaxy Tab. He’s sarcastic, and is obviously having fun reacting to the piss-poor quality of Samsung’s product.
Could he be lying? Making up a bad review? Sure, but my money says this is a really bad multi-touch tablet.
Here’s some juicy parts:

The Tab feels like a grab bag of neglect, good intentions and poor execution.

This thing is just a mess. It’s like a tablet drunkenly hooked up with a phone, and then took the fetus swimming in a Superfund cleanup site.

Typically, the point of a compromise is to bring together the best of both sides. The Tab is like a compromise’s evil twin, merging the worst of a tablet and the worst of a phone.

This Google/Samsung sch├Ądenfreude tastes almost as good as yesterday’s news that Microsoft might have only sold 40,000 Windows Phone 7’s.