Tough Guy

The human brain is funny.
I’m up at the ass crack of dawn to grab a flight to chitown and remembered my dream.
I was in an auditorium watching Bush Junior campaign against OBama. It was a movie theatre so he was projected huge on the screen.
When he finished he went back to his seat up near where I was sitting with Bama.
They barely acknowledged each other as they crossed paths, both were visually annoyed with the presence of the other.
As Bama left to grab the stage next, Steve Buscemi (Nucky???) sits down right in front of us. He’s not dressed like Boardwalk Empire, he’s dressed like a working class thug from Newark. He seems to be W’s muscle.
The guy next to me and I both start talking shit to Buscemi. Then he turns around and looks at the dude next to me and says something like,
“I can get 16 for you today, 25 for you tomorrow.”
I assume he’s talking about a 16 thousand dollar bounty or something.
I’m slouched in my seat with my arm above my head looking away and Buscemi unexpectedly turns to me an pokes me in the armpit and says something like,
“….and this is a warning to you too, kid.”
This is what I get for telling my friends he plays an unconvincing thug on HBO.