writing, not typing

This post at the Daily Telegraph folds in nicely with my recent post on noting and flipping. I’m not sure if Twitter is responsible for making handwriting cool again (maybe it is?). Being a designer, I’ve always been surrounded by note/sketchbook toting people. People writing down thoughts, sketches, schematics. People giving form to the abstract things floating around their heads.
From the article:

Wohlgef├╝hl: it’s one of those enigmatic words the German language excels in constructing. It can mean ‘wellbeing’ or ‘good feeling’, but it is the word Meike Wander, owner of Berlin’s RSVP stationery shop, uses to describe the timelessly simple delight of handwriting: of pen in hand, ink on paper and skin on surface as thoughts and images transfer from the imaginative to the material.

‘It’s a physical experience, it’s your body doing something,’ Wander says in her hesitant English. ‘Handwriting produces a good feeling – a wohlgef├╝hl.’

Yes and yes.
Like most things, it’s not and shouldn’t be the exclusive tool for artists and designers. Everyone can benefit by getting their thoughts down on paper.