haste makes waste

Electronista: ASUS tablets already delayed, may not get Android 3.0

ASUS’ Eee Pads and Eee Slates using Android have not only been delayed but might ship without Android 3.0, company marketing specialist John Swatton said Wednesday. The announcements, which mentioned a spring shipping window and the new OS across the board, were a “mistake,” he told the Inquirer. They would instead ship in summer and would be limited to Android 2.3, Google’s most recent phone OS.

It seems to me some OEMs right now are in a mad dash to get their tablets to market. If this is true, then it’s understandable because the longer they delay, the bigger a lead Apple gets with the iPad.
The problem with rushing is you make mistakes. I know I do. This is the inherent problem with reactive business. You not only run the risk of making more mistakes in your haste but also copying the competition (either mistakenly or deliberately) – ‘I like how Apple does panes in their Mail app, let’s just do that, we don’t have any time left…’.
We already know Android 3.0 was specifically designed for tablets, so ASUS is not only shipping last year’s car, but it’s got motorcycle tires on it.