iPhone on Verizon

The cat is out of the bag, we know the iPhone is coming to Verizon tomorrow.
This has been a long time in the making and I think it’s great. People shouldn’t have to decide on a carrier when they’re deciding on a phone to buy. AT&T has been cool by association since they’re the exclusive carrier of the iPhone, but they had nothing do with it’s design and success. In fact, many people would agree AT&T has been the weakest link in the whole iPhone deal. They weren’t ready for the constant Internet use people who have amazing mobile browsers partake in.
As I wrote in 2009, AT&T was expecting New’s Year Resolution Gym Members. They wanted all the iPhone users they could sign up, cause hey, only a small percentage of em will actually use their data plans. They were very wrong.
So now we’ll have iPhone’s on the two biggest networks in the States and we’ll truly see how people vote with their wallets. It’s a race to the bottom as Android phones continue to get cheaper and cheaper (and free). Analysts are saying because of this, it’s inevitable the iPhone will have to come down in price to compete and remain relevant in the smartphone market.
I say don’t count on it.
This isn’t Mac vs PC all over again.