For All To See

Some products in this world are revealed only after they’re finished. After every last touch has been made. Cars, books, movies and Apple products come to mind.
I treat this site more like a building being built. I’m not testing it behind some hidden subdomain on my server – I’m doing it right out in the open for everyone to see. There’s probably going to be minutes/hours/days during the year this site will look crazy, horrible or beautiful.
There’s something about the live-ness of an incomplete site that motivates me to continue to work on it, to look at it objectively and acknowledge good looking parts and crappy looking parts. I’m also a firm believer in just getting something up, then fix it.
So as they said, “We Apologize for Our Appearance.”
The scaffolding will be up, DIVs will be exposed, chunks of code will be spilled on the sidewalk … so watch your step.