Adobe Getting Off Its Ass

NewTeeVee: Adobe Hopes Wallaby Can Vault Apple’s Flash Blockade

Ever since Steve Jobs issued his “Thoughts on Flash” almost a year ago, there’s has been a lot written about the conflict between Adobe’s favorite runtime and Apple’s iOS platform, supported by the powerful new capabilities of HTML5.

It’s starting to look like those arguments won’t matter any more, however, since Adobe appears to be switching its strategy and launching new products that can cope with Apple’s restrictions. The first major example: Wallaby, a system it is launching today to convert basic Flash files — such as animations and banner ads — into code that will work on iOS.

This is a good sign.
Wait, Tom Barclay from Adobe has words about Wallaby:

“There’s still room for improvement, but I think we’ve addressed a very specific use case for banner ads on iOS,” he told me.