Dry Hair Is For Squids*

My good friend Bryan has been writing a column on his site, Missile Test, called ‘Shitty Movie Sundays‘. He’s spent a solid amount of time and effort both viewing shitty movies and writing reviews on them, but I was never interested in deliberately watching any shitty movies (insane, right?). That is, until last week when I rented Trancers from my Apple TV after reading his review of it. I won’t give you a review here (Bryan’s is far more entertaining), but I will say this – it’s really bad.
OK, it’s shitty, but it’s Good Shitty, if you can understand that. It’s hysterically bad and when I say ‘hysterically’ I mean I laughed more than once while watching it. If I laughed, it counts for something in my book.
As I’m sure Bryan will back me up on, there’s a spectrum of shitty the same way there’s a spectrum of anything else. There’s Pointless Shitty, like The A-Team (I had to stop it 30 minutes in). There’s Boring Shitty, Half-Assed Shitty, Over-Produced Shitty. And like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, you can have a crazy combinations of shitty, like Way Too Many Fake Backdrops Shitty with a scoop of Inconsistent Script Shitty. Get the idea?
I think it’s important to balance things out and see a shitty movie every now and then. It gives you perspective. It’s makes your appreciation for the great films all the more clear.
I won’t say it isn’t dangerous. Be careful what you watch. You won’t get that 1.5-2 hours of your life back.
*you’re not going to understand the title of this post unless you watch at least 30 minutes of Trancers