Paying For the News, Like Water

So we’ve all heard by now that the New York Times has begun the rollout of their paywall, starting with those Canadians, because we can’t trust them.
I agree with the responses of Koi Vihn and John Gruber – I think the choices and process for this new paywall defy logic and are way too confusing for the average user.
I’ve heard people say ‘hell no’ to paying for news access on websites. Some of these people are also the ones against advertising or use Adblock in their browser. I’m not against paying for the news, in whatever form it comes in, as long as it’s reasonable and provides real value.
We all gotten very used to most things being free on the web for many years now, but not everything has to live under advertising-subsidized-free-model. There’s room for other business models.
If you asked someone 30 years ago if they’d be willing to pay for bottled water, they’d laugh. I see the same thing happening now with pay model for web news.
Paying for news and water shouldn’t concern us. What should concern is us is when the only way to get quality news (and water) is to pay for it.