The Year of iPad 2

Quick thoughts on the new iPad 2 from Apple.
I was thinking about how they self-proclaimed this the year of iPad 2 and how no other company can do that due to the multi-vendor nature of the Android market.
Google simply provides the operating system, Android, to power all the mobile devices and tablets other hardware vendors make. So while Motorola could try to proclaim this the year of the Xoom, they won’t because they know they can only hope to sell a fraction of the units Apple will sell.
In addition, the names of the products change so often in the Android market, they never stick around long enough to garner a following.
Sure, hardware vendors could proclaim this ‘The Year of Honeycomb’ – but consumers will have no idea what that means. Promoting Honeycomb is calling attention to the software, so any of hardware vendor who builds devices for Honeycomb can make that claim and that’s bad, because LG, Samsung, Motorola and the rest need to differentiate themselves from each other.