There’s no other way to complete that analogy

Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin’s thoughts on their competition (or lack thereof) with Microsoft (via Network World):

Two decades after Linus Torvalds developed his famous operating system kernel, the battle between Linux and Microsoft is over and Linux has won, says Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin.

With the one glaring exception of the desktop computer, Linux has outpaced Microsoft in nearly every market, including server-side computing and mobile, Zemlin claims.

“I think we just don’t care that much [about Microsoft] anymore,” Zemlin said. “They used to be our big rival, but now it’s kind of like kicking a puppy.”

I would say the puppy analogy isn’t needed. Microsoft has become it’s own analogy. They are becoming less and less relevant in almost every industry they’re still in. He should have said, “Competing with Microsoft is, well, like competing with Microsoft.”
As Aziz Ansari said in his story of the girl who gives a guy a blowjob for a half-hour for sold out concert tickets only to find out they were selling tickets at the door:

There’s no other way to complete that analogy because that’s the shittiest thing that could happen to you.