Forbes magazine on Pew Research Center’s new study on where big news sites get their traffic from.
Turns out The Drudge Report kicks some ass:

Facebook figures larger in the mix, driving anywhere from 1 percent (AOL News, MSNBC.com) to 7 or 8 percent (CNN, ABC News and, leading the pack, the Huffington Post). But if what you want is a real firehose of visitors, no newfangled social network can compete with the Drudge Report. The 15-year-old aggregator of links was responsible for between 5 and 10 percent of the traffic to the New York Times and USA Today during the period studied. It accounted for 15 percent of the traffic to the Washington Post, 20 percent to the New York Post and an astonishing 30 percent to the Daily Mail.

Remember too, the site is only one page.
Maybe Jason Fried over at 37Signals was right when he declared in 2008 that The Drudge Report was one of the best designed sites on the web.
via FishbowlNY