Electricity Inventor, TV Predictor, Mars Communicator?

Paleofuture: Tesla Predicts the Portable TV (1926)

NEW YORK, Jan 25 – (AP) – Application of radio principles will enable people by carrying a small instrument in their pockets to see distant events like the sorceress of the magic crystal fairy tales and legends, Nikola Tesla, electrical inventor, predicted today. Mr. Tesla, who on several occasion has tried to communicate with the planet Mars, made his predictions in an interview published in the current issue of Collier’s Weekly.

“We shall be able to witness the inauguration of a president, the playing of a world’s series baseball game, the havoc of an earthquake, or a battle just as though we were present,” Mr. Tesla said.

Once again, another reason for me to love Telsa. He was always overshadowed by the more popular and business-savy bully who was Thomas Edison but the dude needs credit where it’s due. I even admire him trying to contact Mars.