Honesty, I Like That

Electronista: Huadian promises to directly clone iPad 2 (my emphasis):

Chinese electronics maker Huadian has stated it will soon build a tablet that will mimic many of the design features of Apple’s very popular iPad 2. These include an alloy contstruction, 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen and identical 8.8mm thickness. According to GizChina, the device will be noticeably inferior on the inside and sport an 800MHz AMLogic CPU, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of flash memory. There is no word on the OS, but it’s likely to be Android or a freely distributed system.

Imitation is the first phase of the creative process, it’s how you find your voice – be it music, design, or art, but as a final output? Yes, I know about the Chinese culture of shanzai, but I still think direct duplication like this is bullshit.