So much design, so little function.

Michael Wolff wrote a great piece on the sad state of publishing on tablets (read: the iPad).
Here’s a few choice nuggets I loved:

But, back to Rupert. The Daily is a pure I-don’t-get-it-but-I’ll-be-damned-if-that-stops-me play (and who can stop me, anyway?). It was conceived by Murdoch himself, willed into being by Murdoch, and executed by him. A man who has an absolute belief in the medium of newspapers and almost no firsthand experience or interest in digital media–save for having sometimes to awkwardly pose next to a computer to suggest he might use one, although he doesn’t–decided to address the problem of old ways and new technology with the greatest certainty and resolve. The Daily is the result–a hopeless misreading of the form.


There’s a loud, jarring, jumpy, desperate, look-at-me sense of tablet publishing–it tries too hard. It’s not just that tablet design invites people to look over your shoulder and enter your space–but it makes the reader self-conscious too. So much design, so little function. So much brand, so little purpose. Vulgar.

via FishbowlNY