Affirmative, Dave. I read you.

It seems artificial intelligence is gaining some serious momentum.
NYTimes: In Case You Wondered, a Real Human Wrote This Column

“WISCONSIN appears to be in the driver’s seat en route to a win, as it leads 51-10 after the third quarter. Wisconsin added to its lead when Russell Wilson found Jacob Pedersen for an eight-yard touchdown to make the score 44-3 … . “

Those words began a news brief written within 60 seconds of the end of the third quarter of the Wisconsin-U.N.L.V. football game earlier this month. They may not seem like much — but they were written by a computer.

And over at IBM Watson is offering medical advice to doctors:

IBM has inked a deal with health insurer WellPoint that will let the latter use the technology behind “Jeopardy”-playing computer Watson to suggest patient diagnoses and treatments.

IBM claims the Watson technology can process about 200 million pages of content in less than three seconds, which no doubt makes the system intriguing when it comes to reviewing various medical literature. The WellPoint system will display excerpts that identify the data sources behind the particular suggestions the Watson technology offers up, the Journal reports.

Where are we headed?