You’re In For A Rude Awakening

Electronista: Dell CEO claims post-PC era is ‘complete nonsense’

Michael Dell in an interview Sunday [free reg. required] took a stance that there was no such thing as a post-PC era. In spite of struggling PC sales, he argued to the FT that the PC industry was still growing, particularly in developing countries like China. Smartphones and tablets weren’t “necessarily” replacing PCs, and long-term forecasts suggested that would stay the case for years to come, he said.

“There are a billion and a half PCs in the world and while Gartner change their estimates here and there, they also estimate there will be two billion PCs in the world by 2014,” Dell said. “So when I look at that, I think the idea that the PC is no longer here is complete nonsense.”

Isn’t this the same douchebag who said Apple should shut down and give the money back to the shareholders?
Michael Dell doesn’t seem to understand that “post-PC” doesn’t mean “no PC”. As Jobs said on stage at D8 in 2010, PCs will still be around and provide a lot of value in the post-PC era, but they’re not going to be the primary machine people will be using to check email, read, look at pictures and browser the Internet.