There’s one more big piece to this puzzle.

Neven Mrgan has a great idea for a movie:

So, fun-lovin’, irresponsible manchild, still searching for his true character, blah blah blah, inexplicably hot girlfriend, she gets fed up and dumps him, he now has to clean his stuff out of their shared storage unit. Ok, I’ll give you one scene for free. (The rest are $90,000 per day, haha haha ha.) Gosling – yeah, I’m thinking Ryan Gosling; he’s like the new John Cusack, or will be when we’re done with him. Oh it’s an 80s movie, I’ll get back to that – so Gosling, looking like crap after the breakup, pulls up to this storage unit in his crappy old Hyundai, super-sunny day, storage-unit door opens, dust, cobwebs, maybe a random cat meow in the back Big exaggerated sigh, a box tumbles down. That’s how the trailer opens right there, there you go.

Read the whole thing. I love it.