Stop Making iPad Magazines Big-Ass Images

FishbowlNY: Magazines Look Terrible on The New iPad

Over the past several days, complaints about how bad magazines look on the iPad have been rolling in. The reason, according to Mashable, is that the older magazine apps simply weren’t built to handle the new iPad’s high resolution “retina display,” so everything looks blurry.

How about publishers stop making their magazines a big, fucking stack of PNGs and start to use actual text. The kind of text you can select and copy and paste. And look up in in-app dictionaries.
People are complaining about how much bandwidth their new Retina display iPads are using. While it’s true the new iPad requires higher resolution graphics, developers also have to find ways to make their applications as efficient as possible.
Update: Steve Wright from Future Publishing emailed me to let me know his company does not make iPad magazines from stacks of big-ass images. Seems their magazine Tap! does things the right way.