All Sorts of Wrong

Over at Macworld, John Moltz gives his non-objective review of Windows 8:

This is the pig of Windows 8 that resists any attempts at applying all forms of lipstick. There’s simply no getting around the fact that this is a confusing dichotomy. Additionally, Windows on ARM–now saddled with the mock-worthy name “Windows RT” for “Run Time”, which has so much meaning to consumers–won’t run traditional desktop applications other than a core set provided by Microsoft. (Please refer to the matrix, thank you for calling.)

So, Microsoft’s big hope for getting into the tablet space is an operating system with an attractive but flawed front end that’s incongruously tied to a legacy desktop, and will require different versions of applications depending on which hardware you have.

What could go wrong?

To give them a bigger metaphor than they deserve, Microsoft has built a brand new Ferrari and dropped an 8-track tape in the dash and some seats from an ’86 Ford Taurus.